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Israel Air Force Attack on Syrian T4 Air Base Repair Facility

After hours of recon and provocative sorties in the occupied Palestinian airspace to the airspace of the occupied Golan Heights and the Lebanese airspace 4 Enemy [Israeli] jets entered the Syrian Airspace at 2:30 AM local time-from the Lebanese airspace over al-Breej and headed East.


At the same time two other jets, one at least was a NATO jet, were flying circular in the Jordanian airspace and were providing ELINT and SIGINT to the operation.


The Syrian Early Warning stations were relaying their information to the SyAAF command since the Israeli jets were over occupied Palestine. The General command gave its orders to the Syrian Air Defenses to track but do not lock on targets and to the SyAAF first response squadrons to prepare for takeoff.


The SyAAF jets were manned and on runways while SyAAD were tracking the targets as they moved deeper inside Syrian territories and were awaiting more instructions from the command. The orders were to be on full alert but not engage or lock on.


The enemy thought the atmosphere of complex jamming is working and the Syrian Air Defenses are unable to lock on them although they can see them, similar to what they did in 2007 airstrike.


Upon enemy gets reaching the desired depth and before they launched their missiles, the command gave its orders to the SyAAD and to SyAAF to engage the enemy two SyAAD batteries.


Enemy gets, which appeared as a warning in the cockpits, their surprise of the lock on was most significant when they fired their missiles and hit the outskirt of an air defense repairing facility outside T4 AFB.


Missiles were launched at enemy targets from two different SyAAD battalions, the attacking jets changed course directly and headed West and Southwest attempting to leave the Syrian Airspace before the SyAAD S-200 reach them. Enemy jets entered the occupied airspace and SyAAD S-200 missiles shortly followed closing the gap where enemy Arrow-3 missiles were fired to shoot down the S-200 in air.


The Arrow-3 missile fired failed to hit the S-200 in a location between the occupied city of Safed and the Mediterranean. The Arrow-3 had a course from West to East, and when it failed it self destructed and landed in Jordanian territories.


The area between Safed and the Mediterranean was were the S-200 hit the enemy jet (F-15) and shot it down.


The General Command of the Syrian Arab Armed Forces issued a statement confirming hitting two jets and downing at least one, basing their

statement on the Radar confirmation (Syrian and Russian), since the jet was downed in enemy territories.


On the Israeli side the attack did not achieve its goals, and it placed the Israeli government in hot water in front of its people, and proved that their "Missile Shield" is not as effective as their military claims and they relayed to a previously set propaganda about their "great" army and most

sophisticated air force just like they did before 2006 war and was proven wrong in that war.


The Israeli propaganda instantly claimed that the Israeli used the Arrow-3 missiles fearing that the Syrian shot the S-200 as a surface to surface missile, but the same ones claiming the success of the Arrow-3 and asking the Syrian side to provide wreckage proof, failed to provide wreckage proof of the S-200 itself after being allegedly shot by and Arrow-3, keeping in mind that the Enemy jet was downed in enemy territories and the S-200 was allegedly downed in their territories as well.

Images of the incident

Source: @SyrianMilitary

Location of the Arrow battery left location symbol

Location of the Arrow battery left location symbol, location of the Arrow wreckage right one, location of where the F-15 were downed upper 1

Wreckage of the Arrow missile stage 1

Wreckage of the Arrow missile stage 1

Wreckage of the Arrow missile stage 2

Wreckage of the Arrow missile stage 2

Wreckage of the Arrow missile stage 2.another phot

Wreckage of the Arrow missile stage 2

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