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Humanitarian Organizations are SCAM

The most powerful "humanitarian" organizations in the world, UNHCR, UNICEF, International Red Cross and several of them are actually just a cover backroom operations carried out by the so-called international community around the world. For where there is war and famine there is profits.


Humanitarian organizations that collect money to purchase something for poor may have come up by some clever traders as a good idea for themselves and for the customers of their goods. Let's say you have a store that sell a variety of goods and you've noticed that the chocolate you sell sells badly, because many people have no money for it. Sell them a thousand a month, and could double it if everyone who wants them could buy. What can you do? To set up a charity fund and lure those who have excess money to buy chocolates to the poor. You just need to make good and touching psychological idea over which you moved the heart of people who have money. Engage in this heartbreaking play several famous characters, actors and pay off several influential medias (ie. The main editor ology and TV) to promote your humanitarian action and the result will not fail. Of course, hide the "small" detail that you are trader organizer of the whole campaign and you have officiall "humanitarian action" which was founded by a self-aware "good people" with a desire to buy poor children loads of chocolate.


In your charity fund will eventually arrive more "good" donors and you will be able to pay the actors and journalists and a special fund administration, and the rest of the money will anyway end up on your accounts. Since the poor recipients get chocolate as a gift, you can sell to the fund even those which are already a bit stale. Gift in learning is watching. Over time, you will be able to resort to various other tricks of the trade. So you can get enough time to deliver less chocolate, a media show that divided much more than money because from the fund will be able to pay a good accountant to save you every penny (euro or dollar) in the fund are posted so that it turns out that it all went to chocolate the poor, and that the fund activists and editors are working for free.


Finally, with money from the fund can finance some invisible powerful political party and its MPs to enact such laws that humanitarian funds as yours get a special status in the provisions of the law on payment of taxes, duties and the like. So your "humanitarian fund" can be free from all duties that you have to pay you as a trader.


Then you only need to set up a foundation, copy them and connect them to network with other marketers and time plotting how this money more States is no longer willing to control, switch on your various accounts. The more funds and time accounts more you repress money trail. So your money "humanitarian activities" may end up with some "small" bombs and rifles armed group to terrorize shops and kiosks of your competitors. You used that money to buy an entire chocolate factory, and if they take raw materials (cocoa tree that grows on a distant tropical territory where the head of state is not willing to cede it to you for little money and little interest), you can send terrorists and bombers that there will be no local mangupariju arm and make him a mess in the country. It is best to plant religious or ethnic division, so that the lives of ordinary people becomes unbearable, but there have to engage the United Nations or NATO "peacekeepers" with airplanes and bombs in order to settle all. And that, of course, called "humanitarian action". When such an uncooperative idiot of the head of state or government loses power, send your humanitarians that afflicted and impoverished people re-organized so that work on the cocoa plantations of wood and earning a pittance. Put that your project call "humanitarian investment in the creation of sustainable development." The poor will be happy to have at least something that works and sells for no reason, and you just come and pick cocoa. I then sell chocolate all over the world at a price ten times higher.


Of course, work with chocolate is just one of the jobs. Through humanitarian funds can increase the sales of different things: for example, obsolescence and cancer mammography (if you find corrupt persons who will enthrone as the ministers of health in the country - the projected region, which will make even a mammogram law mandatory for all women) or you can sell a greater number of incubator for babies if it finds a sufficient number of activists in the action to call pretty, "Battle for the babies" .You can sell computers, a variety of medical diagnostic devices (which anyone not cure).


In any case, you open the door for a fantastic business, only when you manage to create the illusion of a humanitarian than his predatory commercial impulses. For this business, you must have at least four conditional factors: a human catastrophe, corrupt fundraisers - the names of the people and saw that the money collected in the fund, media promotion and skilled accountants or bankers to channel the money where you as a dealer fit. It is best to have your own bank that performs placements worldwide.The effect of all is that most of the money raised was at the end of the account of your company. If you are through funds (due to a major disaster) permeate billion euros or dollars, you'll earn fantastic money who do not pay taxes, and the public will never know how much you are rich.


The most powerful "humanitarian organizations" used by nobility and which is on the political stage as called "international community" are: UNHCR, UNICEF, and the International Red Cross. If there were no disasters or wars or "ethnic" and "religious conflict", floods, tsunamis and the like. Through their accounts can not be poured billions of dollars and tens of thousands of employees in these organizations would lose hefty salaries and benefits. Therefore, the old trading proverb says: If the market does not, what needs to be done.


In addition to these major international HO, the world operates a huge number of private and state humanitarian funds in various regions and those are established, if necessary, depending on the disaster.


USAID was building roads in Africa to transport gold


State Fund USAID money from US taxpayers prefers to qualify for the Africa, Asia, but also in post-communist Eastern Europe and Russia in their "national development". The most interesting regions to them by the Western military (or NATO Allies) first well showered bombs, or where there has been a serious inter-ethnic armed conflicts citizenship. Thus these "humanitarian" help "recover" the war of the poor mourners linking their farm or mineral resources and manpower to the interests of the nobility and the global markets. The fact that they were with the money from its funds are present even before the outbreak of armed conflict in a region, the nation remains a mystery. Thus, the arming of local rebels and paramilitary armies and terrorists still the media remains a mystery. Where, for example, the African poor that there is no water, no food, the steam to be supplied weapons?


Thus, for example. in the Congo in the region is very rich gold suddenly occurred to armed conflicts among local tribes. Since transport routes gold go through Rwanda, "clashed" in 1994 and Tusti Hutu tribe, though they have always lived together. Independent press tongues say that all this godfathers Belgian missionaries from Africa Inland Mission which are local Congolese armed party under the leadership of some of Thomas Lubanga (2002), a main profiteer of the genocide in Rwanda in 1994, its current President Paul Kagame (a puppet of the West).


Otherwise, the owners of gold mines in the region are French tycoons Jacques and Alvaro Hachuel, and their mining companies called Muana Africa. European Director mine Muana Africa, Etienne Denis began his career looting of mineral resources of Africa across the Congo Umicore, in the former Belgian mining giant Union Miniere, in 1974.


Muana Africa is the owner of the entire gold veins in Zhani and the nearby roads where this gold is transported are built with support from USAID. Through them, the gold is exported to Tanzania, which is regarded as a crime in the African country of robberies because they go through it and transfers of weapons to Uganda.


In these shameful "peacekeeping" missions in Rwanda and Congo, the Serbian shame, attended by the soldiers from Serbia.


USAID helped the cultivation of genetically modified potatoes and poisoned pregnant women


USAID has funded and scientists from the State University of Michigan GM plant specific varieties of potatoes intended for Africa. The aim was to "human mission to eradicate hunger in Africa," because it was concluded that potatoes moths do great damage to the industrial cultivation of potatoes in the African region. GM has been resistant to pesticides and antibiotics which is sprayed. Experts, however, say that as potato moths in fact only nibbled leaves, but the GM variety had no effect other than fruit during storage. Had the moths attacking relentlessly in all fields planted with potatoes, scientists do not have to when examining the boxes delivered hundreds of thousands of individuals potato moths and released them into the field to see whether it bite, which is normally done and hidden from the media and the public.


Now every cell of the GM potato contains antibiotic Kanamycin, who also entered the food chain in Africa and which has long been known, crosses the placenta in pregnant women and the fetus as well. And it is itself the producer of antibiotics has long been presented to all pregnant women, indicating it very risky for them. But the "humanitarians" are ignored.


USAID is also known for the placement of highly various vaccines in Africa, where the meta especially children and women, and the Philippines is a scandal when it was discovered that this fund was behind the program Organic sterilization of women in the two regions 2005. Many of Filipino health workers are working simultaneously with USAID and saInternational Planned Parenthood, which began a program of population control at Catholic nation. Dr. Ligaya Acosta, former Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Health of the Philippines because of this he resigned.


USAID in recent years "helping" the Serbian agribusiness, believe it or not to make it more competitive on the EU market. Do not these "humanitarians" might need to thank today corn in Serbia session at 60,000 to 70,000 plants per hectare, whereas previously it was 25,000 to 30,000. Too many plants also consumes much more water from the soil, which is especially dangerous during dry periods as we had 2012. So, do these "humanitarians" thanks to the heavy contamination of corn for aflatoxin, which then entered the food chain of animals and humans?


It is interesting that even in Serbia two years ago, suddenly appeared potato moth in fields where it has never been before. Some farmers are convinced that their potato moth arrived with new import seed potatoes.


USAID has a major presence in Kosovo and southern Serbia, where their "reconstruction of state and local governments," a special focus on "development partnerships" among the municipalities of Presevo, Bujanovac and Vladicin Han. British "Lydian International Ltd." has long been discovered significant quantities of gold in Kosovo, as well as other mineral resources.


The case of Haiti and the Serbian "peacekeeping" shame


And our well-known "humanitarian" Clinton has a "humanitarian" fund "Clinton initiative." Generally the whole family (wife and daughter) have specialized in fundraising from companies and individuals from around the world, and especially their dear wealthy donors from China where they are molded from the United States hundreds of billions of dollars in investment to the Chinese business dragged nationalists who did not find or do not want to find a common language with the globalists of the cartel shopping in London. SAD is usually maintained for years the influx of money from the Far East and other parts of the world, while the US economy is stagnating.


After the devastating earthquake in Haiti January 2010 (for which the US Pentagon is likely "intuitive prescient" to happen so that military ships to "rescue" make the region the day before the earthquake), Clinton is the daughter immediately began to collect the money and sends packages with food and water to Haiti.


Due to the large number of NGOs working in Haiti this country in the jargon often called the Republic of NGOs. The NGO sector is also occupying power, which carefully monitors that Haitians never break away from slavery and of noble robbery of Britain and France, as one could have managed them he paid off all debts. So two years after the earthquake, about 360,000 Haitians live in tents, and have only one meal a day. The earthquake that Pentagon "prescient" killed 250,000 people, a cholera killed another 7,750 after professional "humanitarian" UN units took sanitary provision of the entire region.


By some estimates, about 3 billion dollars in individual donations entered after 2010 in Haiti and another 6 billion was collected with the help of the government.


Analyses of the Center for Global Development of where he completed all the money they concluded that less than 10 percent of the total amount went to the government of Haiti, a less than 1 percent went to organizations and businesses. The entire one-third of the total fund is in fact returned to the donors and donor countries in order to compensate for their own civil and military impact of this disaster. Most of the rest of the money was left by international NGOs and private contractors in their various jobs.


For hundreds of thousands of people were homeless so. "The international community" is built as little as 5,000 new homes. Despite the fact that crime and murders in Haiti percentage of about 6.9 for every 100 000 inhabitants (the rate in New Orleans is 58), a large sum of money was spent on "security", ie. Surrounded by UN forces that Haitians have never wanted on its own soil. The annual budget of "peacekeeping" and "bezbednjačke" UN mission (in which they participated to their shame, and members of the MUP of Serbia within the power of Minustah) for 2012-2013. is about 644 million dollars, and only he would even cover the construction of 58 000 low-cost houses to meet the needs of the Haitian homeless.


How to get a present state land


Many humanitarian foundation in Belgrade in locations in the city center that would let a profitable company that pays taxes, she had to pay a fine, as long as they do not have to. In doing so may in Serbia "humanitarians" to carry out some economic activities, provided that they in the statute states that this "humanitarian work". Can different goods imported free of duty and tax not paid if the goods intended for humanitarian purposes. Can receive and give gifts in real estate, land, money, etc. For example, Richard Freliha endowment, which has a building in Dobrinj and Macedonian street in the center of Belgrade has its Solidarity Foundation that brings together various humanitarian funds. Frelih was normally a pre-war Jewish grain merchant who owned more storage space throughout Serbia where grain is stored. Thus, as part of the Solidarity Foundation was established in Serbia and the Centre for hiporehabilitaciju near Trebinje in BiH. In translation it means the rehabilitation of horses and objective of the Centre is designed to rehabilitate children with disabilities (unclear how) by a horse. In any case, this foundation had to this land and has a horse farm with horses. Co-founder of this center is a very interesting character on the function of bishop in the SPC of Zahumlje and Herzegovina and the coastal region, and is known by the spiritual name of Gregory. Bishop Gregory is normally a big fan of football, but also in business as deceptive or active participant in many predatory privatizations throughout the country. It is also known as an admirer of worldly life in cafes and lover of the expensive cars such as the "Maserati". Rado pray to the Holy Mother of God and visiting Catholic prayer meetings, and even ourselves affectionately called bishop.


Placing disabled children in horses is similar to when children suffering from cancer donate computers or subsuming under the healing hands of a self-proclaimed incarnation of Jesus Christ. But in this case it was still important to get to the land for this "humanitarian" fund. And that helped a great Serbian "patriots" Milorad Dodik donated by the state-owned land, which was previously used by the army of Yugoslavia, the diocese of Bishop Gregorios. A Diocese is then generously donated to the Center for hiporehabilitaciju Solidarity Fund in the context of private endowments Richard Freliha. Is a company that wanted to buy this land at Zupci near Trebinje would have to allocate big money and pay taxes and other duties, which would have all gotten into state coffers. Thus it is avoided.


Bishop Gregory (de Torkvemada) as it is also known for its large Spanish inquisitor, at one point was even a large and angry critic of shady deals Milorad Dodik, while with him did not find the joint business.


Hollywood agents disguised as bad actors and directors


As agents illusionists various "humanitarian" funds usually are hired famous actors and professional athletes, who can not get contracts with the powerful top manufacturers of sports equipment unless they give their name and engaging, but also part of their earnings (for protection) in various "humanitarian" campaign. Therefore, all athletes who earn millions suspicions find themselves in the role of "humanitarians".


UNHCR since 2001 has as its brand Angelina Jolie, a Catholic, but it is less known that she was a member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, which was formally established by the Rockefeller family, but in fact it is the political branches across London, which creates foreign policy. Jolie has also publicly called on China and Russia to use their right of veto and put pressure on Syria. It was 2003, and traveled to the Congo, accompanied by intelligence from the Congo and member of the International Crisis Group, John Prendergast, which is related to the growing army of African "Otpor" who will top the psychological operations together in organizing the "Save Darfur." Jolie your poor acting skill game propaganda Hollywood films that promote the necessity of mixing the CIA and the US in "humanitarian" operations around the world (where there is gold and oil, etc.).


In Sarajevo promoted "his directorial" film "Land of Blood and Honey", which justifies humanitarian NATO intervention in Bosnia. Her visit and interview with her followed a TV "Al Jazeera" as Badfinger "independent Arab television," which is known to always have exclusive footage and statements of al-Qaeda (al-Chiado).


Unicef has Miu Farrow, a UNHCR uses the name Ben Affleck, also the agent who plays the actor and who was just over "his" film ARGO naive American public showed why America should intervene as soon as the war in Iran (which is shown as a great danger for the West ).


In this Hollywood agency services employed and George Clooney who joined John Prendergast to promote assistance Congo He has sent them hypocritical Nobel laureate and "mirotvoac" with bombs - Barak Obama. Prendergast, who was identified as "a leading US human rights activists" has previously traveled around Sudan and throughout Central Africa with the already elected future President of Rwanda, Kagame Polom, who is now in Africa called the Western Trojan horse genocide and war profiteer. He collaborates with "humanitarian" Fund Bill Clinton.


Article by Ivona Živković, translated from Serbian using Google Translator