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World Conflicts Research is the sub-domain of F.P.S. Predators website.


Hosting war maps, this website aim to inform users of current status of conflicts world-wide.


If you have any reliable info you are MOST WELCOME to post/suggest updates on our home website "TALK PAGE", but currently to do so you will need a device with Adobe Flash Player installed.


As this is Sub-Domain of our parent website ( same TERMS AND CONDITIONS apply, which you can find HERE.

About this Website



- To navigate through this website use the menu on the top of the page. If you click on "World Conflicts Research" text you will end up back here. Large grey ARROWS on the sides of the map are the links to next map (where

 available) in the direction the arrow is pointing. Underlined texts are usually links to other places defined by the text. SHADED areas on the maps are MORE DETAILED maps of the same area, click on them to see them.


- Some Icons are INTERACTIVE and if you click on them you may get more info about the item the Icon represents.

Symbols/Icons (used on the maps) legend:



           - Squares - Non-military Strategic Point (like dams,powerplants, etc.)



          ,         - Flames - Clashes/Contested



           - Coloured Arrows - Suspected Assets/Resources movements



        ,        - Airplane - Airports/Air Bases



           - Helicopter - Helicopter Air Bases



          ,           - Triangle/Shield - Military Strategic Point (Bases, Hills, etc.)



           - Bio Hazard - Bio/Chemical danger



           - Oil/Gas processing plant



           - Oil/Gas Field



           - Nuclear Item



           - Warship - Naval assets (ships)



           - Carrier - Carrier Strike Group Icon

Animated_fire_icon Arrow-Right-BLUE 11px-Fighter_jet_blue_icon.svg Airplane-blue2 Helicopter-blue triangle blue Biohazard Icon Oil Icon Oil Well 3D Radioactive-icon star1 warship_icon Map_marker_icon_–_Nicolas_Mollet_–_Aircr Shield Medium Blue